It is very normal to find it hard to decide what you want, where you want the tattoo to be, is it even safe, and also who is the right professional artist for the job. Getting yourself a tattoo can be very painful and at times the most exciting experience ever. To ensure that your experience is as painless as possible, there are a couple of things you should do to prepare.

Preparing for your tattoo means that you clearly understand the process, that your body is fully prepared and also you are contented with your design. Here are some of the things you should consider to fully prepare for your tattoo.

Drink Water

Drinking a lot of water helps your body stay hydrated. It usually is advisable to always keep hydrated for proper body function and also good health. It is also equally important to keep hydrated before getting yourself a tattoo.

Keeping yourself hydrated ensures that your skin withstands any situations. This includes any longer session and also heals quickly from the long tattoo session.


Just as you are supposed to hydrate your skin by drinking water from the inside, it is also essential to moisturize your skin from the outside. A tattoo tanning lotion is very important weeks before your tattoo session. You should apply the lotion twice a day for like a week to make sure the session is painless.

Also, make sure you do not moisturize hours before the session since it coils affect the functioning of the tattooing machines.

Shave the area

Make the area of interest as smooth as possible by shaving it and keeping it clean. If you are not used to shaving yourself, ask a professional or visit one and get yourself a smooth shave. However, if you cut yourself while shaving it can be impossible to get a tattoo as scheduled. So make sure are careful while shaving.

For the best and quality results, it is good to have no amount of hair left. However, if you decide to wax the air ensure you do it prior to the day. This is because your skin needs to properly heal from the waxing before you get the tattoo.


Removing dead skin from the surface of your skin is very crucial since it helps in making the process a lot more comfortable and painless. Make sure you do not irritate the skin while removing the dead skin. You can achieve this by using a loofah. Once you are done exfoliating, the moisturizer will then do its work properly.

Eat well

Before booking a tattoo session, make sure you eat a balanced diet for a couple of days. It is very common for people to lose their appetite once they are done getting a tattoo. This is mostly brought about by fatigue in the tattooing chair.

It might feel like you are just sitting idle getting yourself a tattoo, but the truth is, your body uses a lot of energy during the tattooing process. Also, don’t forget that when you are hungry, it becomes nearly impossible to manage your hunger and pain. This then makes the whole process so uncomfortable and unpleasant mostly when it is your first time.

Bring snacks for longer sessions

If you plan on having a big tattoo that will take a lot of time before it is done, it is important you bring some snacks. This comes in handy mostly when you want to distract yourself from a painful procedure or when you really get hungry.

Bring a snack that can be eaten easily with one hand and won’t mess you up. However, you might get a small break depending on the parlor you are at. Also, during the break, you are not allowed to leave the parlor. This ensures you don’t get some infections while you are away eating.

Don’t get a tattoo if you are injured

If you get an accident hours before your booked session, make sure you reschedule it immediately. Ensure that you notify your tattoo artist of the injury that you have. The artist will then tell you the best time you can reschedule your appointment. This gives your injury time to heal before you get under a tattooing machine.


Considering the fact that tattoos are meant to last forever. It is essential to prepare properly before you give yourself a tattoo. A lot of people ignore that there is more to what meets the eye when it comes to getting a tattoo.

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