Live Streaming Signals New Era For Fashion Industry

Live Streaming Signals New Era For Fashion Industry

In the age of technology, many industries are seeing a digital transformation – and fashion is no different. So, from runway shows to online stores, let’s take a look at how live streaming is innovatively being leveraged in the fashion industry.

Virtual Fashion Week

Live stream technology has long since been utilised to provide virtual attendees with experiences that traditionally would only happen in person through a digital platform, especially when it comes to entertainment. Take something like online casinos, for example. Casino enthusiasts can play live online roulette for real cash, hosted by a real croupier in a studio using a real roulette wheel. The feed is then streamed in real time to real players for an authentic and immersive casino experience.

This same logic can be applied to live fashion events like Fashion Week, particularly when you consider how exclusive these events can be. Whilst it would be great to invite more people to fashion week and make it more accessible, this could make the events overcrowded and sacrifice their intimacy. Instead, live-streaming fashion weeks can bring the events to a wider audience, whilst ensuring the vibe is authentic to the fashion sector.

Live Stream Launches

Live streaming is a tried and tested marketing tool, but it is often under-utilised by the fashion industry. Nevertheless, using a live stream to launch a new collection can be a great way for brands to make a real human connection with their target consumers. Although, this does not mean the launches have to be any less exclusive. A live stream launch could effectively tie in with existing customer loyalty programmes.

One survey found that 82% of consumers favour brand messaging that rewards them for their loyalty, and 69% like it when they are treated like a VIP. With this in mind, exclusive launches can be a great way to show consumers that their custom is valued. Only those who have signed up for your e-newsletter may get invited to the launch of your new collection, and receive the link to the live stream. They could then be allowed exclusive previews or even the ability to pre-order items before they are available to the general public, bolstering the overall loyalty strategy.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

As we’ve mentioned before, live streaming can provide viewers with a virtual version of an in-person experience. For example, online shopping streams allow consumers to browse racks and make purchases online rather than needing to go to a local shopping centre. That said, one key aspect missing from online clothes shopping that you’d get in-store is the ability to try on clothes before you make a purchase. But, that’s where augmented reality (AR) comes in.

Put simply, AR imposes digital elements onto real-life environments, as opposed to virtual reality (VR) which creates entirely new virtual environments. With this in mind, AR can be integrated into live streams or live image capture technologies to allow consumers to try on outfits in a virtual dressing room. By integrating AR with moving images rather than still photos, consumers can see the way the garment moves and the quality and density of the materials.

As you can see, new technologies are blending the digital and physical in the fashion industry. From online stores to runway shows, live streaming capabilities have the opportunity to revolutionise how we consume fashion. Protection Status

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