Baseball caps are pretty standard in today’s culture. Whether it’s to work as an accessory or to actually shade your eyes on a sunny day, there’s nothing more classic than a simple baseball cap. There are some rules that come with wearing baseball caps. What are some of the dos and don’ts of wearing baseball caps?

The Types Of Baseball Hats

Before we can consider the rules, we should first take a look at what a few of the baseball caps and cool fitted hats canada are. Here are just a few to keep this list short.

  • Snapback cap: the snapback is the classic design. The strap features holes and small plastic snaps for it to be fastened together.
  • Strapback cap: these are caps that feature a buckle feature that can be adjusted to the exact side of your head instead of relying on the snaps.
  • Fitted cap: these are caps that cannot be adjusted, but have elastic on the inside so that they can better conform to the head.
  • “Dad” hat: this style of hat is usually oversized with a curved bill, what you’d expect to see a dad wearing.
  • Premium cap: these are simply caps that use high-quality fabrics for a more stylish, sleek look and appearance. These are usually made by high-end brands like Kors and Gucci.
  • Trucker cap: these are usually made with mesh in some part of the cap so that it’s easier for the scalp to breathe.

The Dos Of Wearing Baseball Caps

First, you should find one that is actually a good fit. Many people resort to getting one that’s too big or too small without trying it out properly. The cap should be snug on your head without falling off. However, it also shouldn’t be too tight that it ends up giving you a headache.

Secondly, know the material of your cap. If you do a lot of sweating or plan on wearing your cap out in the sun, you should choose a cap that is made out of breathable fabric. Conversely, if you’re stuck in a cold climate, you might want to go with a warmer fabric.

Lastly, you should keep it clean. You can do a lot of sweating in a cap so it’s important that it’s washed on a regular basis. No one wants to see a cap with a brown ring around the inside rim or have the colours fade from their sweat.

The Don’ts Of Wearing A Baseball Cap

There isn’t much to get wrong with wearing a baseball cap. First, you should remember that less is more. You can get a lot of mileage out of a simple cap that doesn’t cost a lot instead of spending more for a “trendy” cap that will go out of season eventually.

Secondly, don’t wear it backwards. You might think it looks good, but it really doesn’t. Don’t wear it sideways either. This look really only works on toddlers.

No matter what kind of headgear you pick from in this list, it doesn’t hurt to take care of it so that it can last you a long while. Don’t go for the cheapest either; they’re cheap for a reason and will probably break after a few wears.