Winter warming clothing can be something to look forward to with the launch of new seasons Jackets, shoes and sweaters. They can provide a reassuring sartorial hug to the weather beaten man. The oft passed over item is the humble trouser that has an overlooked role in balancing out the rest of the gentleman’s outfit .A badly chosen trouser can at best ruin the flow of your look and at worst make you look like you’re searching for scraps in the local dumpster; so lets consider some sensible and stylish alternatives that will have you feeling like you could dine in the Ritz.

The Wool Trouser

The lovingly spun wool trouser has been a favorite for a couple of centuries if we’re honest, no matter if you are shooting pheasant or shooting JPEGS.Wool is comfortable, easy to manage and can blend with a whole host of gents fashion looks, casual or smart. Pure wool or wool blend thanks to today’s dye sublimation technologies are available in a host of colours; they are a classic piece that if maintained properly and subject to girth maintenance on the part of yours truly will last a lifetime and bring a warming to your cockles.


Smart and beloved of military movies since talkies were invented. Quality, hard wearing cotton twill based style screams practicality here. Looking great in tradition muted neutral colors they have a reputation of being as indestructible as Captain Scarlett and you can look good equally fighting the Mysterons or taking tea with your Aunt. Classy, semi formal when required and truly timeless when matched with similar classic pieces such as chunky darker sweaters and good quality brown or black brogues. Timeless.

Relaxed Leg

If you need welcome relief (Both physical and mental) from the skinny jean syndrome, Frankie says look for the comfortable alternative of the relaxed leg jean and trouser. Its literally a warm welcome back to the Levi 501 is as good an alternative to a classic trouser as anything .You can set about matching virtually everything your winter wardrobe can throw at em’ with total confidence and it’s a great opportunity to experiment with heavier boots and shoes complimenting the look.


OK, no stuffy professor jokes, just a warm and inviting quality trouser, which has the strength and integrity to match with classier garments. Its heavier and best for winter wear. Traditionally hardwearing wool is best, is reassuring to the touch and also looks good in autumn muted colours. Match with a similar muted tone jacket and heavier winter shirt and you’ll find yourself getting an automatic pass to the best gentleman’s clubs in the land.


Cropped Style Trousers

Fitting well around and allowing many a shapely ankle to swell a partners heart; cut length trousers can showcase socks and shoes eminently providing they are warm enough to wear with confidence in the winter months. Careful tailoring will ensure a good fit, as there’s nothing worse than a dearth of material at half-mast. Just ensure your legs can carry the style!

Slim Jogger

The ‘sport luxe’ look knows no bounds at the moment, neither summer nor winter can halt its run at dominating the casual athletic wear market in the western world. If you don’t suffer from hyperthermia wintertime, sweat pants and figure hugging components can compliment each other for the complete look. Take solace that if skimpy materials are your winter things, even risking pneumonia, you’ll at least look good in the ambulance.