Waistcoat – Style Guide To Wearing A Waistcoat

Waistcoat – Style Guide To Wearing A Waistcoat

waistcoat for men 2012


The retro thrift store look has made room for waistcoats and dress shirts on stylish young urbanites. More so than ever men need to embrace waistcoats on a more casual affair. The current collections out now for men are just gorgeous. Leading the way are Ted Baker and Zara for men. They give great examples of how sleek and cool men look when wearing the waistcoat.  Then if you want to up a notch on the waistcoat, look no further than the funky label called DSquared.

Make Sure The Waistcoat Fits

A well-fitted vest is long enough in the front to cover the man’s waist (hence “waistcoat”), with no dress shirt showing between the belt and the vest.  The sides and back will be cut a little higher, and may show some shirt; be sure to wear a well-fitted shirt tucked in tightly to avoid fabric “ballooning” out in little puffs from under the vest. The shoulders of the vest should always lie flat against your body and below any collar points. Keep in mind that the bottom button of a waistcoat should always be left undone – the top button may be left undone as well however it’s optional.  The tradition is more than a hundred years old and stems from the same rules applying to jackets.  There’s no practical reason for it nowadays (except perhaps to give off a more casual flair) — it’s just a way of showing that you respect tradition.

Why Wear A Waistcoat

They just add such a sophisticated edge to what we see on a day to day basis. They look adorable with cardigans.  They certainly hide the fat gut and when you go out for lunch, they are a fab preventer for eating too much as the waistcoat allows no grace for expanding tummies.  More so, women notice a man who adds attention to detail to his wardrobe and the waistcoat certainly does that.


ted baker - men's wool waistcoats

Ted baker on the left and Paul Smith on the right 2012

zara men denim waistcoat

Zara denim waistcoat 2012 and Ted Baker 2012

DSquared Mens Fall 2012 waistcoat

DSquared-Mens-Fall-2012 it’s all about layers

zara men, blue waistcoat

Zara men 2012, make sure it fits you well

zara men waistcoat

Zara men 2012 fabric choices are a great starting point

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