Vintage Motorbike Fashion – Triumph In 1960’s Style

Vintage Motorbike Fashion – Triumph In 1960’s Style

David Gandy - wearing truimph motobike gear

Vintage Motorbike Fashion

Got your motor running? Are you heading on the highway? Looking for some action? Then you better be styled my way. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself. Why am I wearing what I am wearing on my motorbike? What is my current image representing when I am on my motorbike? If there is a movie you need to be inspired by when it comes to motorbike image and style, then look know further than Easy Rider.  This article is how to get your easy rider vintage inspired look.

Cost of Bike vs Bike Fashion

According to the average price of a new motorcycle is $14,533.  However most other sites answer it like this. It’s a very open question, new or used,what size,what make? 1985 Honda Magna, will set you back 1700.00 or a 2009 Harley Davidson is about $28,000.

In my research it would be fair to say that the man on the bike does take pride in riding this amazing machine. Whether he likes to admit it or not, the attention that comes along side riding a motorbike is nothing short of exhilarating. When I talk to any guy with a bike, his excitement is never contained.  He is more than willing to flex his motorbike image given the chance. I’m all for ego, having  passion for the thing you love the most. So if your going to spend the cash then take it a lot further and start investing in your motorbike wardrobe. Start thinking about  riding in style.


Vintage Motorcycle Fashion

Vintage 1960’s motorbike fashion has always been in vogue. It doesn’t matter if you light your cigarettes with twenty dollar bills or if you work in retail, every man needs a bit of vintage in his closet.  The epic movie born to be wild is a great inspirational point. For a man to reflect on his 2013 motorcycle image. Labels such as Barbour and Triumph are embracing this era when it comes to leather jackets for the rider. Based on the iconic Café Racer jackets of 60’s & 70’s, but incorporating the functional requirements of the modern rider.  A lot of the garments distinctive design includes a large Union Flag back print. Giving it that distinctive vintage flare to the bikers image for 2013.

Barbour-Union-Jack-Messenger-Bag,motorcycle bag

Don’t neglect your man’s bag on your bike

Brad Pitt – Fight Club Red Jacket

Thanks to Brad Pitt the Red Jacket Coat is definitely going to get hotter and hotter. Many retailers have  created the replica jacket for you to get your biker hands on to. His jacket is called, The Tyler Durden Leather Jacket. The type of  leather used is either Lambskin or Cowhide. It has a wide collar with four button closure in the top side and two front side coat style pockets. Each option for the closing and pockets is of top quality.The Tyler Durden Leather Jacket Coat and Red Leather Coat is finished with straight cuffs and panel stitched design. It has quilted polyester linen inside to keep you warm.

fight club brad pitt cow leather jacket for motorcycles

Vintage Leather Jackets

I am finding there are loads of  local vintage shop or thrift stores who stock motorbike leather jackets. The quality of the leather is amazing but the designs need updating. In the UK there are fabulous second hand shops stocking biker wear. Head to Spitalfields market, East London or to Portobello road at Nottinghill. The amount of biker vintage jackets are too die for. Don’t forget to look for, aged to perfection cotton t-shirts (preferably without sweat stains), belt buckles, plaid trousers or jackets with funky zip ups 1960’s style.

UNION JACK world of triumph motorbikes leather jacket

Triumph leather jacket for 2012

fight club leather jacket

Based on the iconic Café Racer jackets of 60’s & 70’s , but incorporating the functional requirements of the modern rider.

Barbour Men Union Jack International Waxed Jacket Black

Barbour Black Sapper Jacket International Collection. Medium weight 6oz Barbour Thornproof wax

Women riding in style - vintage helmet

If you want to catch the girl on her bike then get the easy rider style first.

Vintage Accessories to Complete the Look


You’ll be telling the time in style with this Tag Heuer gulf vintage inspired watch


You’ll truimph riding with these helmets


Elliot Rhodes belt buckles will certainly update your biker image.

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