The West Coast is home to some of the coolest and hippest cities in the US, and indeed that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a popular destination for everyone from spring breakers to honeymooners, road trippers and seniors spending their twilight years making new memories.

In fact, the fun thing about the West Coast is that almost everywhere you go will open you up to new experiences, and the cities that you can visit along the way each has their own fascinating cultures, histories, and claims to fame.

Picking where to visit can be difficult, and so that’s where this article is designed to come in. Here are just a few of the trendiest cities on the West Coast along with what it is that makes them famous.

The West Coast’s Trendiest Cities And Why They have their fame

1. San Francisco

There’s a reason why San Francisco is so iconic, and it’s not just the Golden Gate Bridge. It has a stunning culture and a relaxed attitude with a history that’s rooted in hippie culture and revolution. It’s a wonderful place both to live and to visit, and if you’re thinking about stopping by then we’d recommend ending on a cruise from San Francisco to leave the city in style.

San Francisco skyline by night

2. Los Angeles

LA and San Francisco are similar in a lot of ways and so if you’ve visited and enjoyed one of the cities, the chances are that you’ll also enjoy the other. There’s plenty of stuff to see and do in Los Angeles, and it also has a thriving arts and culture scene with something different happening pretty much every night. You’re bound to find something to your liking.

Los Angeles view from Hollywood

3. Seattle

Seattle is the birthplace of grunge and so it’s perhaps no surprise that it’s a music lover’s paradise. There’s live music on everywhere, and it’s not just grunge. Seattle is also home to a bunch of cool and unusual museums where you can geek out on pop and alternative culture or simply see some awesome alternative and contemporary art.

Seattle skyline

4. Portland

Portland, Oregon is a hipster’s paradise, and it doesn’t get much cooler or trendier than this. Portland has been bustling as a popular hotspot for youthful and urban crowds since at least the 1990s, and that’s helped it to continue to evolve and to reinvest. Better yet, it’s one of those rare cities that’s built with pedestrians in mind, and so it’s the perfect place to wander around and to get lost in.

Portland oregon

5. Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a city that’s not really a city, built right on the beaches and full of so many street musicians and performance hotspots that it can feel like you’re wandering through a festival. Better still, because it’s relatively unknown compared to some of the other destinations on this list, the crowds aren’t as bad and you’ll be able to find some alone time in this bustling, busy city.

Santa Monica Pier


Now that you know just a few of the hotspots that the west coast has to offer, it’s time for you to start planning your visit. The destination tips that we’ve shared today should be enough to get you off to a good start, but feel free to customize this itinerary to make it better suit you.

The important thing is for you to have fun, which is why you’ll definitely want to make this itinerary your own. You can even think about combining multiple destinations together and drive from one to another as you go cross country. Happy travels!