What To Look For In A Good Quality Bong

What To Look For In A Good Quality Bong

Are you on the market for a new bong, or even your very first bong, and want to know what you should be keeping an eye out for? Have you had bad luck when it comes to buying bongs and want to know what are the key factors that make a great quality bong?

The cannabis industry has been on the upswing for well over a decade. The legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana use in countries all over the world has played a massive role in this and has even encouraged innovation to continue to take place in this space.

These days, many users still prefer to have a bong in addition to the many other methods of consumption. However, choosing the right bong can be tricky. It can be easy to come across a cheap and poor-quality bong, but if you are going to be using it regularly and want to enjoy it, then you need to know what to keep an eye out for when looking for a good quality bong. Here is everything you need to know.

Thick Glass

Some people, especially beginners, may just think that a bong is a bong and there isn’t any difference in the type of bong you choose or even the quality, however, this just isn’t the case, and better-quality bongs just give you a far better experience.

One of the very first things that you need to look at when choosing a bong is the thickness of the glass, such as the high-quality glass like these bongs have from Molino Glass. While the thickness of the glass doesn’t really change the experience so much, it is important when it comes to the durability of the product.

A bong is something that you use over and over again, and if you are to spend a lot of money on it, you want it to be able to last a very long time, if not forever. Having a bong with thicker glass means it is less prone to cracking and very unlikely to break or shatter in the long run.


How Big or Small

Next up on our list, we have the size of the bong. Again, this is something that doesn’t really make much difference in the effects you will feel, however, it changes your experience.

Before you buy your bong, you need to consider if it is a product that you will want to take with you, or if it will just be staying at home. If you don’t plan on moving your bong around, a larger one might be the best option for you as they typically give much better hits. However, if you are constantly moving around and want something that you can take with you, you want to go with something result. Choosing the right percolator is all dependent on the kind of experience that you want. It is also dependent on the other factors of your bong and how you want your hits to feel.

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