Cosmetic Surgery Trends – Beards & Blepharoplasty

Cosmetic Surgery Trends – Beards & Blepharoplasty

While you’re in the vehicle service bay waiting area watching mechanics scurrying like ants all over your pride and joy, have you ever wished you could be in the next bay getting a tune-up yourself? Well heaven forbid that you find non-health professionals tinkering with you is the stuff of nightmares, but in reality, it’s possible to get a tune-up of sorts to make you feel good not just on the inside but the outside as well.

More men than ever before are coming around to the idea of cosmetic surgery with 10 per cent of them accounting for procedures in the U.K. alone according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). Just like a car engine by having regular minor ´Tune-Ups´ cosmetically, our natural performance or appearance can be maintained or even enhanced.

There are a lot of minor tweaks available to the male form from the well-known Botox brow smoothing treatments and the equally well-known procedures of Rhinoplasty (Nose) enhancement, Blepharoplasty (The eyelid lift) through to male breast reduction (Gynaecomastia) Liposuction and even beard and hair transplants.

Such procedures need not be as expensive as they once had been and are no longer only for the rich and famous as the need to look good in both personal and physical grooming can be vital for our self-esteem.

Doctor Ashish Dutta

As Doctor Ashish Dutta, Chief Surgeon and CEO of the London and North East England Aesthetic Beauty Clinic explains the trend:

¨The recent trend of an overall decline in the number of Cosmetic Surgical procedures being performed in the private sector is not reflected in the male cosmetic surgery market. Overall, the number of face-lift and Gynaecomastia reduction among the male population saw a 5-6% growth. Men want a discreet or subtle improvement in their overall appearance and the other areas of growth are chin augmentation, hair transplant and penile enlargement. ¨ – Dr Ashish Dutta.

It’s certainly no crime to want to look your best, especially in the work environment.

Industry studies state that taking advantage of eyelid work is common among middle-aged men, but the go-getting youngsters prefer toned stomachs without fat in their place. If you’re thinking of such procedures then it’s worth perusing this series of articles for a guide to what’s available, what the procedures involve and above all cost for the enhancement.

Beard Transplant

If you pardon the pun, the growth of interest in facial hair among men and the disappointing ability of some to grow a satisfactory face full of fuzz lead naturally to the ability to develop a satisfactory beard transplant technique. saw a 72 percent rise in male enquiries about such procedures in 2015 and also a 21 percent interest in transplants to the male genital area as another form of enhancement.

Having a beard transplant is a solution to thin and patchy beard growth. This involves taking individual hairs from the back of the neck and individually replanting them one by one. A full beard can involve painstakingly replanting up to 4000 hairs while a goatee needs only 1500. The cost can be reflected in the amount of time the procedure can take (up to £6000 and taking between 3-9 hours) also remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, with the skin and growth requiring several months to recover before the growth is satisfactory.

Cosmetic Surgery Trends - Beards & Blepharoplasty


This is the eye rejuvenation so beloved of celebrities and is designed to eliminate droopy eyelids that can affect men of middle age.

¨ ´The eyes are the windows of our soul’. With Blepharoplasty, the skin and fat is removed from the upper or lower eyelids to obtain a fresher, rejuvenated appearance. The aim is to improve the hooded or droopy eyelids and reduce the eye bags. In certain situations, fat is added to the eyelids to give a natural and less sunken look.¨ – Dr Ashish Dutta

 If tired eyes can prompt comment then visually perfect pupils can be a real confidence booster in the appearance stakes. It’s not that the individual is tired, it’s the presence of excess skin and fatty tissue that cause the problem and cosmetic enhancement can easily remedy the situation. The procedure involves small incisions to the eyelid folds to remove the offending tissue, is relatively straightforward and costs around £3000.It can involve a week’s recovery time. Note that further treatments for overall facial enhancement may be needed as a supplement to the Blepharoplasty.

Cosmetic Surgery Trends - Beards & Blepharoplasty

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