Linen Suits – What Men Are Wearing For 2013


Linen Suits for men 2013

Linen suits are just perfect for summer. But I am finding most men are not sure how to wear them let alone embrace the suit. To be honest it used to be  normally just worn a lot on the Mediterranean locations. But those days are gone and from London to New York to the streets of Rome. Men are wearing them in their own way.

Brown, Blue and Beige

Choosing the right colour is one aspect you need to think about. I am a big fan of anything blue. But it’s just down to personal taste and what colour suits you. Some fabrics seemed to work better than others but in general the linen suits need to be looked after and ironed. Go for a stiffer fabric if your not high on maintaining the clean fresh look.

Zara and H.E. for MANGO

These are a perfect starting point to try out your linen suit adventure. The cuts are nice up to date and it won’t set you back too much. Take your time in choosing your linen suit and other pieces to match.

Olly Clarke Photography 2013

Olly Clarke Photography 2013


White trainers seemed to be the shoe men are opting for, which worries me a lot as I think there are nicer options. If you want to go the trainer look choose something summery like a plimsoll. My favourite are the loafers whether it be brown or blue just as they rock the suit look in so many ways. Slippers or sandals will also look great with linen suits. It’s all about creating a fresh, light summer look and the shoe should match it.

Linen - Blazers for men 2013

2013 collections in stores now


H.E MANGO 2013 Linen SUITS

They look great and a bargain for what they are


H.E MANGO 2013 Linen SUITS

H.E MANGO 2013 Linen SUITS


Linen Suits for men 2013


Nike Shoes for men 2013


Nike Shoes for men 2013

Perfect for walking to work then make sure you take them off

Linen Suits for men 2013

Nice combination with a plimsoll


Linen Suits for men 2013

Loafers and Linen are made for each other

Linen Suits for men 2013

Tassel Loafer with Linen suit


Loafers for men 2013

Great shoes for linen suits in stores now 2013


Linen Suits for men 2013


Linen Suits for men 2013

Another great combination of linen suit with sockless tassel loafer


Brown Loafers for men 2013

Wicked combination


Camo Loafers for men 2013

So 2013 – two trend combined the Camo and the double monk strap


Jimmy Choo - Dover Street London UK 2013 Collection

Jimmy Choo – Dover Street London UK 2013 Collection

Jimmy Choo - Dover Street London UK 2013 Collection

Olly Clarke Photography

  • Robinson&Dapper

    Noooo! Please guys, do not wear white trainers with your linen suit!!

  • TheCuffLink

    I hear that some people don’t like a full linen ensemble. I’m not against it, but I wonder if it’s something we’ll see more of.

  • Nick

    Today, I wore a navy linen suit, navy linen shirt, navy/white silk scarf and brown suede Sweeney loafers. You inspired me………….. but I froze! Hahaha.

  • Modern British Gent

    Please don’t wear ANY trainers with your linen suit!! Thank you for highlighting the benefits of a linen suit though.

  • mcoupe2001 .

    No white trainer with your linen suit? That is not what GQ says.

  • Robert

    I am big fan of wearing Linen suit, I usually buy a Linen suit in every summer season because it make and feel you look comfortable, it is also a best option to wear at summer wedding during blistering heat. But unfortunately Linen doesn’t work well in all the seasons mostly in colder days! By the way thanks for sharing it!
    Linen Suits for Men

  • Men Style Fashion

    It’s a summer fabric for sure. The Italians and the Spanish shows us how.