Suit Shorts – How To Wear Them This Summer

Suit shorts for men grey summer and classic white shirt

For men living in the Mediterranean shorts suits have been worn season after season. For a thoroughly modern look, the skinny fit or slim fit suit shorts are huge this season. It’s time to ditch the traditional shorts worn with a sweatshirt or with a T-shirt. The reason being, the tailored suit shorts this summer are cooler than ice-cream .

Skinny Suit with Shorts

The skinny fit suit jacket with a single breasted 2 button fastening and a matching tailored fit suit short is a perfect start. It’s time to stand out in the crowd. The colours play a big part and are down to personal choice. Start off with either navy blue or light grey.Then go from there. Go for the common fabrics used which are 70% Polyester,30% Viscose, very machine washable. For hot summer days the best fabrics to go for are a mixture of Linen and Cotton. These fabrics are always breathable and feel great.

Mix and Match

The suit short is an indispensable item for the summer wardrobe. For me it gives a sense of a jet–set style. You can mix and match your suit top with another suit short. Juts adding variety to your look and staple pieces. The key is to match your shades. So when purchasing your suit shorts I would go for three sets, three different key colours that you want. Then play around with the sets so you can see how versatile the collection is.

Work Attire

It just comes to what your work allows. This is a very seasonal collection. So you might as well embrace it while it’s hot. You can team your suit shorts with two key tops. The cashmere sweater or your classic shirts. Depending on your suit colour you can add floral shirts. You can also add a vest and tie. There are no limits of how much you want dress up with your suit short. There are no rules, it’s just how you want to present your message.This summer and many more the suit short look is the way forward.

Suit Short with Vest, ties and classic white shirt


Suit Shorts for men summer spring and shoes

Reiss has a great range of suits short pieces.

Suit shorts for men mix and match summer ties

Mix and match your suits


Raf Simons - Electric suit shorts for men

Raf Simons

H.E MANGO, TOPMAN and REISS offer a great variety right now. If you’ve got money to spare Raf Simons certainly will raise your summer gear to a super edgy look.

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H.E - Cotton bermuda shorts H.E - STRIPED COTTON BERMUDA SHORTS Mr Porter - Rag & Bone Grey Printed Cotton Suit Shorts


River Island - Orange suit shorts Topman - Grey Slub Suit Shorts Topman - RED COTTON SUIT SHORTS

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