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David Beckham - riding a bike in style california

The City Biker

If there is going to be one man in 2013, who will set the fashion bar for men riding custom-built Harley-Davidson bikes, then I think that David Beckham is that man. Riding in style around Malibu, David demonstrated his fashion sense and more than pulled off the biker look with a black T-shirt, wayfarer sunglasses and an open crash helmet. Everything was picture-perfect with his brown driving gloves dangling from the back of his belt. I, especially, loved how he paired his brown-red leather shoes with his dark, khaki colour beanie casually tucked into his jeans. No need for a man-bag here guys, David is showing us it’s all about riding in style.

Why Ride a Motorbike In The City

Parking is a nightmare at the best of times, but if you live in London or another major city, it can be impossible! A 125 cc machine will typically cost less than 10 pence per mile to run and many scooters can achieve 100 mpg, making them far more fuel efficient than cars or trucks. In addition to the obvious fuel savings, switching to two wheels will also save you money on road tax, servicing and insurance – as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Not only can they be cheaper to run, scooters and motorcycles can also be cheaper to buy! When compared to new and used cars, two wheels can be found to be are far cheaper than four. In addition to this you’’ll often find that parking for motorcycles and scooters is free! Travelling on two wheels doesn’t only save you money, it saves you time as well! On a scooter or motorcycle you can easily negotiate traffic and leave all the queues behind.


Beckham knows the power of looking stylish on his bike, just look at his fashion net worth.

Riding Safely & Fashionably in The City

It’s important to be road safe, but if you are just cruising though the city streets and just want to attract attention, then it’s time to think about how to get your city style on trend. The cities are a perfect platform to show off your style, you’ll be amazed by how many people are watching. What you wear while riding is a message you send out about your character and personality. Riding in the city is as much about displaying yourself and your style, as it is about going from point A to point B.

Jackets can make or break your image as a biker. Think about what jacket you want to show off and what message you want to be giving out. The tighter looking jackets are more popular now and can be the key in giving out a sophisticated, edgy look. You can never go wrong with black. Don’t be afraid to team it with a scarf around your neck; red is awesome and it just gives a classic urban twist to your look.


Bombers leather jacket by Hugo Boss


Harley-Davidson, it’s time to update those jackets and target the stylish Rider


Sons of Heroes Biker jacket


Sons of Heroes, perfect city biker jacket

Givenchy, contrast front quilted leather bomber jacket

Givenchy, contrast front quilted leather bomber jacket


Leather blazer  jackets looking amazing on a motorbike

Ruby Pavillon, Monaco helmets

Ruby Pavillon Monaco helmets are a perfect stylish city-biker accessory.


When you go for a ride, it’ll blows your mind.

Givenchy, black beaded sneaker boots

Givenchy, black beaded sneaker boots


Dark denim always looks best and is a more practical colour while riding in the city


If your butt looks great in leather, then go for it. I’m loving the tad bit of bling, in the form of a zip insert!


Animal printed t-shirts can state a lot about a man on his bike

Johnny Depp, Riding his motorbike

If you’re Johnny Depp, then riding in style goes to whole new level.

7 Responses

  1. Triumph Guy

    This article was clearly written by someone who does not ride motorcycles. The leather blazer and the Givenchy, black beaded sneaker boots are hideous and will only cause traffic accidents due to other riders’ uncontrollable laughter. Beckham has the right Idea here. There’s an elegance to functionality and simplicity. Looking for motorcycle style inspiration? Look no further that Steve McQueen and Paul Newman at the Bonneville salt flats circa 1971; manly, functional and cool.

    *Musicians can look up Bob Dylan and Peter Tosh (also great)

  2. Men Style Fashion

    Well I wrote the article as an idea to get designers out there to update biker jackets that are suited for riding. It’s so hard to find stylish jackets? Can anyone help here? I figure you spend so much money on your bike. What about the jackets? Harley Davidson’s biker wear is old, dated and boring. Their bikes are awesome.

    • john b

      the added bling zip insert is not bling its to fasten your jacket to so it doesn’t leave a gap


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