5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017

5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017

We have entered into a world of creative ideas and experiments where all genders highlight a colourful array of outfits and hairstyles, each of which speaks volumes about personality. Of course, for someone, it could be a real-life goal to be able to tell your barber how to cut your hair instead of “just a trim”. And when you find a barber that knows how to cut your hair just right and shave you as well – hell yeah, we are happy for you! But in case you are looking for something new and going to meet your new barber soon, don’t miss this post and check the trendiest hairstyles for men in 2017.

Clearly, the “long at the top short on the sides” style is not going anywhere but there have been some updates. These top five haircuts for men look smoking hot, and there is certainly something for everyone whether your type is coiffured, curly or edgy.

There are many ways to achieve the hairstyle you want, such as men’s toupees! At Lordhair, whether you like to comb your hair forward and upward into a pointed hairstyle, or you like to comb your hair back into a smooth hairstyle, now you can choose a toupee for such a hairstyle.

Top Haircuts From Quiffs to Fades

Today, you can find different haircuts for men. Undoubtedly, a medium or long haircut is a fine decoration of man. However, due to the popularity of old-school vintage barbering, short hairstyles for men are massive nowadays and remain sleek and attractive, especially for guys with beards or moustaches.

What we have here is some inspiration and guidance to the cutting-edge haircut trends for this year and hair styles that stay around forever.


It is amazing how hairstyles make their way back around. A pompadour worked pretty well for Elvis despite the fact the style was initially designed for women. However, the pompadour cut is becoming more mainstream right now, so we decided to include it on our list. You can scroll down lots of websites and see about 80 different ways how to rock pompadour, varying from the classy cut to wavy lines. This jazzy haircut looks nice on all men despite nationality, and lots of celebrities are on board with it.

The hair will be shaved short on the back and sides, and the top is about four to six inches in length. The pomp makes the hairstyle unique and natural thanks to a large volume of hair, but still looking very slick and sharp. So if your hair gets any more volume, end up with the pompadour.

5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017 - pompadour


Nowadays, visits to barbershops are always about a treat – the whiskey bar or green tea in addition to a free Wi-Fi while waiting, the barbershops offer a haircutting experience with all the modern trims. And one of such modern trimmings is the Fade haircut. All the trendy men wear this version of the undercut. A fade gradually shortens or “fades” in length with your longest hair at the top and shortest hair at the bottom. It really looks good: short hair and low maintenance.

Though, this hairstyle is not just one cut. It can be simple or it can depend on your preferences. There are many kinds of fade; some of them are high and tight, low fades, and mid fades. As well, an urban request can include low-grade fade combined with sharpened finish beard trim for a standout style.

5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017 - fade


An undercut is a more classical style with trimmed sides and at least two to three inches long hair in the front. It maintains proper shaved back. The hairstyle is recommended for people who like not too extravagant just simple basic styles. If you have limited hairstyling skills you will love the undercut. It starts with having the right product – you just need a bit of wax or hair gel to keep it tamed and with a retro touch. Sure, it also depends on the style you choose, whether it’s a side-swept undercut or slicked back, or disconnected brush-up.

5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017 - undercut


If you have got a newly styled quiff, waxed moustache, long beard and a fully tattooed sleeve – it’s the new hotness hipster replacement for 2017. The quiff is edgy 90’s-inspired style that gives volume, and high shine. The hair looks great and is so beautiful when it is greasy, brushed back, messy or ruffled. To be fair the rockabilly quiff is quite memorable due to its cute and sexy-symbiosis style.

To make a quiff, you will need:

  • No less than three to six inches of hair on top (when it comes to the quiff, the longer the better).
  • Apply some styling product to reach the proper volume, height, and texture.
  • Use a blending shear when cutting and detailing around.
  • Complete with a dryer.

When you don’t have any hair product, you can run your fingers through the locks to make a nice voluminous or beautiful messy quiff.

5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017 - quiff

Man Bun

 Probably, you mentioned a lot of runners and men in a gym have a little man bun or so-called the “hun” or the half-bun. It isn’t just a guy’s’ hairstyle that has become very popular this year, it’s a perfect mix of the casual and comfortable haircut. The half-bun is to be the best trend in a long while and it looks great when guys keep their long curls. It works staggeringly with coiffed locks. Sure, strong natural and curly hair can be so difficult to maintain, especially when you spend months growing it out. However, to make a proper one, you have to go for the next approach:

  •  Grow your hair out long enough to make a hun;
  • Use the right shampoo and conditioner to maximize the volume;
  • Apply a mousse or hair gel to reach the desired weight and height;
  • Put hair a little bit up and twist the hair by the bubble;
  • And instead of wearing all of your hair long, try shaving some sections.

One last point: the hair is what makes a man attractive. And if you would like to change your style to any — save a photo you like from therighthairstyles and show it to your hairdresser or stylist. It’s really a noteworthy help as it gives a reference point and maps out how you want your new hairstyle to look.

5 New Hairstyles for Men in 2017 - man bun

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