Bold Statements – Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Bold Statements – Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Although Jackets and shoes can be a reflection of a man’s style and taste, probably one of the most overlooked items of the dressing palette is the trousers. Its time we gave you a wedgie and sorted through your nether regions with a guide to some of the smartest fashion accessories a man can eventually slip his hangover legs into without looking like he’s about to qualify for the sack race.

Cord In The Act

Totally underestimated in the style stakes is the twisted cotton or wool corduroy trouser; the parallel lined patina no longer lingers with stuffy professors and has well and truly graduated to the mainstream. Wool blends are best served up in the winter unless you want to suffer the indignity of roast weenie for luncheon, but cotton looks great dressed down with white T-shirt and denim or canvas casual jackets. Look to Margaret Howell’s MHL and Uniqlo as two spectrum end exponents of the material.

Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Wool I Lie To You?

Wool trousers are so versatile as well as being warm! They are perfect for dressing up tailored separates or reflecting that devil may care casual vibe. Frequently seen with Adidas Stan Smiths or matched with cool brogues particularly in brown they can be equally at home with the double monk strap for a bit more individuality. For wizards of the wool consult Paris label A.P.C. or for more popularist value seek out French Connection.

Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Jog Around The clock

Sports luxe, unlike your hangover self, just won’t lie down and having jumped a budget flight from America it’s looking like the style is getting its visa stamped for a long stay vacation in Europe. The relaxed nature of the style sees it equally at home in the pub or the gym with a comfortable stroll around the mean streets without breaking even a sweat. Keep the street scene vibe with a logoed T-shirt from Palace and a Nike or Adidas training shoe. If you want to take the look upmarket seek out John Elliot & co. or Nike Supreme Line for the not as aspirational realists out there.

Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Oh Chino!

As sturdily constructed as a Morris Traveler the twill chino has the advantage of being tough and looking smart at the same time. The heavyweight cotton diagonal weave can develop its own patina and still look good. Team it with a quality suede trainer and a loose fit Oxford shirt and you’ll look the business. Japan’s Engineered Garments are the top dogs here with J.Crew a respectable second, either way, you’re onto a winner!

Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Crop A Load of That

The ankle swinger is just chomping at the bit to show a bit of leg. They are great in summer with leg length options varying between above the ankle and a few inches below the knee. It’s vitally important that your shapely leg is well-formed and the shoe ware classy. If length is an issue then get em’ tailored with all that money you’ll save on socks! There’s a trouser style for everybody you just need to be brave enough to experiment; skinny jeans need to be loved too!

Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

Relax, Just Wear It

Hallelujah! After what seems like years averting my faint-hearted gaze from the skinny jean ‘meat and two veg phenomenon’ I’m proud to be championing the relaxed leg form. A warm welcome to the Levi 501’s that is flexible and sturdy enough to twin with oversized knits or classic chunky footwear. Keep an eye on the hemline though ensuring it rests firmly at the top of your shoe or boot around the level of the first lace eyelets. For the conventional relaxed trouser why not try button-braced trousers for that hint of nostalgia from the house of Visvim.

Bold Statements - Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

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