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My name is Marcus Tan, otherwise known as MARTAN. By day I work in Retail and by night (and in my spare time) I am a personal style/menswear blogger from Melbourne, Australia. I am also the new Guest Author for Men Style Fashion.

Where do I begin to explain how I got this point? When did I find Fashion? What compels me to construct a stylish image?


I have always had an interest (dare I say passion) for fashion from a young age. From browsing runways magazines and hours shamelessly spent window shopping online, I have always had an eye on fashion. It is an intriguing industry, though considered trivial to others. Without going too deep into my thoughts, don’t you find it fascinating how runway trends from around the world translate to the high street? Or how everyone wants to achieve a ‘certain look’ whether they think fashion had anything to do with it. It is a powerful thing Fashion, a silent power but that’s why I love it.


It was only around a year ago when I decided to become a fashion blogger and only six months since I began to focus on Menswear and Personal Style. My blog MARTAN Main chronicles my own personal Style Diary as well as current Menswear Collections by local, emerging and established designers. I believe that Menswear is becoming a stronger market, with designers taking new directions with the Male Silhouette as well as Men having the ‘balls’ to experiment and play with the notion of style. My blog is a celebration and expression of a left of centre approach to Menswear, pushing the boundaries and putting the spotlight on others and their Male aesthetic.

Martan’s View on Menswear, Style & Grooming

What I bring to Men Style Fashion is my personal views on menswear, style and grooming. My own personal style is forever changing (hairstyles included). It is a tad unconventional to the classic Male aesthetic, I blame my experimental nature for that. To me, style is all about creating looks which are sharp and individual. Style is my way of expression, without any words. That is why I love style, it’s such an escape. You can create a story or mood just by the pieces which you pick to wear day to day. Whether you are wearing a well-fitted suit or t-shirt and jeans those style combinations reflects an idea and feeling. Powerful stuff if you know how to use it.

The opportunity to write for Men Style Fashion gives me the chance to expand on my thoughts, try new things and learn more about Menswear and its position in Fashion. I will be chronicling my own style diary, thoughts as well as sharing tips along the way so you can achieve my MARTAN look.

Till my new piece be sure to check out my blog for more MARTAN

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MARTAN - Menswear, Stylist, Trends & Predictions

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