How To Keep A Guy Interested And Score A First Date

How To Keep A Guy Interested And Score A First Date

Finding your ideal man can be hard, but once you do, we share how to keep a guy interested and secure a date. You have been talking for some time now but he has not asked you out yet. Well, this is not a big problem.

Usually, men fear rejection and delay is inevitable. With a little encouragement and effort, you can keep him interested and score a first date. The guide to how to keep a guy interested has made its way to assist you in your mission.

This article can be very helpful for women. If your relationship is in a good place and has a healthy foundation then you just need to give a little nudge. This guide can be an answer to “How to keep a guy interested in you?” For men, however, it works a little different. These top tips can help men secure a first date.

Effortless Ways on How to Keep a Guy Interested in You

To keep your man interested women need to engage on levels other than superficial. It is always good to find out what are your man’s interests. You can indulge in activities that can keep the spark alive in your relationship.

You need to follow some useful tips that can keep a guy interested for good. Before you take the plunge or encourage him, you need to be sure about the status of your relationship.

If you two are not compatible or share the same wavelength (highs and lows of your relationship) then this might all go in vain. You need to find out about his feelings and his ability to fight for this relation. Only then you will be able to have a fruitful result of your efforts.

Following are the ways that can teach you how to be interesting to a guy effortlessly.


1. Get to KNOW His Interests

Men really appreciate women and crave for them who not only listen to their passions but also show interest. Women who get excited by things that men find interesting are key to building a strong relationship.

Do not be obvious while asking such a question. You need to find subtle ways to take hints and know about his interests. Ask him to take you to his favourite restaurant or what does he do in his free time. These questions are a conversation generator and would allow you to find his interests.

Once you know them, try to take interest in the activities and you see him reciprocating.

Tip: If you are able to find out his interests, it can play a key role in getting you two come closer. If you share the interest of vaping then it is time to introduce him to SMOK Stick V8.

2. Appreciate Him

Who does not want to be appreciated? If you are just focused on your abilities and your needs then three is a high chance that spark would just fade away. Appreciate your man as it is a way how to keep your man close to you.

Dating Appreciate him

Men want to be seen and appreciated. You can appreciate his small and big gestures. Men might not tell you this but it really boosts their confidence and they feel right. Do not just expect him to do things for you. If you are not appreciating his actions then how would he know if he is doing it right?

Tip: Appreciate his looks and styling and he will know how you feel about him.

3. Give Him Space

Every individual needs to have his own space when it comes to finding time for himself. If your man asks you to give him space believe me it is not an alarming situation.

Do not try to change him and accept him the way he is. Women often panic and lose control. They think that they did something wrong to push him away. Well, ladies, there might be a possibility of work tension and that is why he needs time to sort it out.

So next time when he asks you to give him space do not panic.

Tip: Tell him that he can call you if he needs any help.

4. Have Your Own Life

Men tend to move away from women who do not have a life outside their relationship. They feel like interfering with their lives which makes a relationship a duty.

Keep your circle active and be a part of their activities. You should make plans with them and it is not necessary to be with your man always. This is one of the ways of how to keep a man interested.

Women gym buddies

Spend time with friends and pursue your hobbies so you can enjoy your life and love life simultaneously. This would also help you to bring happiness to your life.

Tip: Having your own life is not detrimental to your love life. It shows your commitment and your ability to manage things.

5. Be Your Best Self

Men feel good about women who take pride in their skin and are confident. Do not talk about your flaws as it would just drive him away. Accept yourself and feel good about yourself. This would only make him feel closer to you.

Confident woman

Feel good about yourself so that it can be reflected in your relationship.

Tip: Love yourself so that you can take be your best self.

6. Do Not Complain

Do not act like a nagging wife before you have even taken the first step. You need to be very careful with your choice of words as it will build a relationship. Do not be complaining and make sure you give each other time to understand.

Tip: if there is anything that needs to be discussed, do it in a manner that does not sound like a complaint.

These are some of the ways that can help you keep your guy interested. These simple and effortless ways can help you secure a date with your ideal man.

Some Do’s and Don’ts to Follow

Well is he has finally asked you out on a date then it is time to prepare yourself for it. There are some don’ts and do’s that you need to follow on your first date.

Don’t be:

  • Stressful: Being stressful before a date is quite natural. However, this should not be the reason for spoiling your first date. Follow 5 simple ways to ease stress before your first date.
  • Do not sound desperate: make sure you reply to his texts in a dignified manner.
  • Do not show up drunk: well this does not need any explanation.
  • Don’t show him you are interested: do not be obvious in your actions. Keep it subtle. In this modern world, a little mystery can go a long way.


  • Choose a good venue: If you are excited about your first date then you must have gone through a plethora of ideas. These nerve-wracking first dates can be very overwhelming. Picnic dates are a new trend that gives you a tranquil space and leisure to enjoy each other’s company. Present the idea of a picnic date to impress your date.
  • Keep the conversation interesting: If your guy is into technology and loves to talk about gadgets then a quick overview would help you in having an interesting conversation. Visit the link to learn more about the latest trends.
  • Order smartly: For reviews of restaurants and foods, you can find the link useful in choosing a restaurant to make your date a perfect one.
  • Play hard to get: well do not go overboard and you need to keep your game up. If your man thinks that you cannot have you, you will make yourself irresistible.

These are some do’s and don’ts that you need to know about. A first date is the most crucial stage in a relationship.

You need to work in a smart manner so that you can secure a first date. You need to find a place that can help you in making your first date the most memorable one. Invest time and effort so that you can bring out the best in it.

When Are You Planning Your Perfect Date?

So with these simple tips and ways when will you plan your date? This guide on how to keep a guy interested can be very helpful to give a little nudge. If he has not asked you yet, you might drop subtle hints. This would help him to present himself with a question that you have been wishing to hear.

Keep your man interested so that he can find you irresistible. Check out more dating tips on our blog.

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