Denim Light – Breaking the Rules… In Double Denim

Denim Light – Breaking the Rules… In Double Denim


Style Rules for Double Denim

Style Rules… there are simply too many to count. Wearing double denim can be such a fashion faux pas when done wrong. Who honestly wants to see someone proving to the world that they can wear a pair of blue jeans with a matching blue denim jacket? (Do we remember Justin Timberlake at the American Music Awards in 2001) With that being said, by matching appropriate shades and cuts together one change a common faux pas into a stylish look. One to always push the style box I decided to wear a double denim look on a summery Melbourne day.


Out of your Style Comfort Zone

This look is actually very much out of my style comfort zone. Black is a tone commonly associated with MARTAN, and for this look the only black comes from my bag and hat. At the moment I am currently intrigued by lighter shades, mainly Grey and Whites. There is something aesthetically clean about them… it is also the reason why I have not truly ventured in collecting a complete light wardrobe. I can imagine a wardrobe of off-white and stained clothes (a nightmare of sorts). However regardless of my fears I’m opening up to the idea of a lighter wardrobe. In come my light denim pieces.


Denim Light

For this ‘Denim Light’ look I paired just a classic White T-Shirt with my light wash Topman Denim Jacket. The jacket is two sizes too big, but I do like the ‘summer carefree’ oversize look about it.  The bottoms are a pair of skinny denim cut offs in an acid wash blue that I always wear in summer. I always feel ripped off buying pairs of denim shorts, so I normally buy cheap pair of jeans and cut them myself. Light denim is really easy to maintain, the tough material textures well with the sleeves up. It is probably the best way to begin carving out a lighter wardrobe.


Accessorizing your Denim

Finally accessorizing my look I added a Black Snapback Cap, a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges and my own Pleather Clutch. It is a very casual, summer fun look. By avoiding the darker shades the look is fresh for a lighter approach to summer. The way to break this style rule successfully is to opt for complementing shades of denim. Blue on blue isn’t the most flattering (or interesting), and no one wants to look like they jumped out of an 80’s denim advert. Use your accessories to add personality, whether it is a necklace or a combat boot. Try this look yourself. Play with the idea of Double Denim.


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