Loyal Mission Jeans – 100% Profits for Charity

Loyal Mission Jeans – 100% Profits for Charity
Denim Jeans - Loyal Mission Feeding Hungry Children

Homeless & Hungry

It has been days since his last meal, as Ryky Tran goes to sleep in his car. Having to live out of his car for a period of three months, he really got to see what being hungry really meant. Often going for days without food, Tran remembers this experience like it happened yesterday. Tran recalls, “Those were some of the hardest days of my life. Only looking back could I truly appreciate what that experience has done for me.”

Somewhere during that time, a friend named Brad Dutsch took Tran out for dinner. Brad treated Tran to a $15 steak dinner, which Tran recalls, “It is still is one of the best meals of my life. I can’t remember eating anything so good and satisfying.” That night changed Tran’s life. When he promised to repay Brad back by taking him anywhere he wants to go, Brad’s only response was, “Go feed someone else.”

Payback to The Hungry Children

From that night forward, Tran vowed that he would thank Brad back by feeding someone else. A decade goes by and Tran is no longer homeless. In fact, the previous 10 years has brought him much financial success from working in over a dozen commercials, two major motion pictures as Jet Li’s stand-in and body double, and eventually starting his own custom wheel-building business. Looking back, Tran remembers the hardship he has endured and where he is today; he remembered his promise to Brad.

Loyal Mission Jeans – The Collection

During the summer of 2011, while completing his undergraduate study at UCLA, Tran continues to pursue his passion for creativity and business. Building on his love for denim jeans, Tran creates his new startup, Loyal Mission, making 100% “Made in Los Angeles” premium jeans.  Though never having worked in the fashion world before, Tran was able to start his own design studio and by the summer of 2012, Loyal Mission was prepared to launch with a complete line of jeans for men and women.

Tran wanted to integrate his personal experiences and build a company that revolved around feeding hungry children. He came upon the Children’s Hunger Fund, which has been feeding the hungry for over 20 years, and has a track record of having over 99% of their donations going directly towards its cause. Tran knew this was the right charity to partner up with. Tran recalls, “When I met the people at Children’s Hunger Fund, I knew this was the right charity for me and Loyal Mission.”


Loyal Mission Jeans - 2013 Collection

Bang on trend for 2013 but with a powerful course.

Loyal Mission Jeans - 2013 Collection

The double stripe will remind you why you bought them in the first place.

Loyal Mission Jeans - 2013 Collection

Your jeans have a purpose not only to just look good.

Your Jeans Will Feed a Child

Loyal Mission makes high quality, simple, elegant denim jeans, with a purpose; to feed hungry children with every pair sold. Proceeds from each pair of jeans from its web store will directly go toward feeding children and families in need. Loyal Mission integrates this giving concept into every pair of their jeans. The two red lines on the side label signify this. Tran explains, “The first red stripe represents you, and the other represents the child who will be feeding- the two of you are forever connected through the pairs of jeans.”

CHF - Children’s Hunger Fund

Do we need to say any more?

Feed the hungry Children

You know how it feels to be hungry?

Ryky Tran - Founder of Loyal Mission

Ryky Tran – Founder of Loyal Mission

Ryky Tran, little did Brad know that feeding him would result in an amazing payback to the hungry children many years later.

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