What are the fashion items a gentleman needs in his wardrobe? They include a sophisticated persona, great manners, ethical values, and of course, a good sense of dressing! Even if you ace the other qualities, it’s a fact that not everybody can pull off that classy gentleman looks like that. It requires well-selected clothing basics and a personal style that is inherent to a refined man.

However, having a closet like a shining gentleman does not mean you need to stock up on countless types of outfits that you often see in brand magazines. As cliché as it may sound, you need to concentrate on quality over quantity. When picked smartly, a few high-class items are enough to offer you enough outfits to give you that dapper look.

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When we talk about men’s fashion, a few essential items can go a long way in helping you look stylish and smart. Here is a list of items that every man must have in his wardrobe.

1. Collared Shirts

mens collar shirt

A man needs to have some stylish collared shirts in both casual and formal styles. You can get some solid-coloured shirts in either plain, chequered, or striped designs for special occasions and office wear.

2. Formal Pants

Cropped smart trousers Asos

It’s about time to create your formal pants collection with pieces that look fit for other formal events like work. Your formal bottoms like Ferragamo trousers should be flexible and comfortable, so they can sustain the impacts of the commute.

Be versatile enough when picking colours. Remember the colour of your formal shirts while buying pants. Nonetheless, the neutral colours of blue, grey, and black go well with most other colours.

3. Casual shirts

Your full sleeve Henley’s and T-shirts are your style statement for the laid-back times. When buying for your casual collection, stay away from opting for graphic designs as they kill the polished look. As an alternative, go for plain styles and subtle hues. A plain white tee is essential in your closet.

4. Jackets

Super skinny blazer ASOS Design

One of the hippest elements of a man’s wardrobe is his jacket. How can you nail the refined look to perfection? You can get a cool sports jacket in a dark shade. It will certainly turn heads for sure if you pair them up with your jeans. For those semi-casual events, try a black blazer, and it will give you that irresistible aura.

5. Jeans

The first thing you must have in your wardrobe to cater to your daily clothing requirements is a comfortable pair of jeans. So, make sure you get yourself a darker and light tone of denim. You may assume jeans are good to wear about anywhere. However, there are some limitations, such as important work presentations or interviews.

Jeans Extra Slim Fit Tommy Hilfiger

6. Shoes

Go for a chic yet dependable pair of shoes that will mirror your gentleman’s side of formal occasions. For your casual needs, a comfortable pair of sneakers will fit well wherever you’re going.

You can add these basics to your collection and style yourself exquisitely. Even while being comfortable and minimalistic, you can radiate the poise and elegance that a gentleman has.