Fashion Advice for Men 9 Style Tips for Younger Guys

Fashion Advice for Men 9 Style Tips for Younger Guys

“I can never be stylish!”

Does that ring a bell? Is it something you often say to yourself?

My friend, you have to understand one thing. Being stylish is all about your mindset. It seems like you’ve made up your mind, and you’re no way ready to change it!

Style isn’t inherited. It’s a skill that is learned and improved. If you feel like you can never be stylish, then you’re wrong.


“What should I do, then?”

Nothing. It is what it is.

Haha, we’re only kidding! C’mon, we’re not going to leave you like that. You have come to the right place. When you leave, you’ll be ready to be the most stylish person in your group.

Um, sorry, maybe we got carried away a tad. But you get it, don’t you?

What we meant was that after finishing the blog, you’d know just what to do about your style. And how will you know that?

All Things You Should Know

To answer the question above, we have some great tips and ideas up our sleeves for all the young guys out there.

You’re young and all, but you probably don’t know how much your image can have an impact on people.

Therefore it is essential to dress well.  Founder Gracie Opulanza wrote an article way back in 2015 about this.

Start stylish so that later people look up to you. Here are some things you should know:

1. You Got To Have Some Self Confidence

What is the point of dressing well when you can’t even own it? That makes your outfit completely useless.

Confidence is the key to everything. Well, almost everything. Without confidence, the doors to being stylish may be closed on you. You should give off a vibe that makes people respect you and approach you.

And how do you give off that vibe? Simple! Just have an air of confidence all around you. To get that confidence, you can try a power pose or learn from your mentors.

2. Don’t Waste Your Money on Stupid Trends

Well, not all of them are stupid, but still. You’re young, and if you’re not an influencer or a fashion model, there is no point in spending money on the latest trends just to look hip. Believe us; these trends don’t even last a year.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try out any new fashion items. Of course, you can. Just be rational.

3. Your Appearance Matters

Not everything is about clothes and accessories, m’boy! I mean, it is. But only to an extent.

You also need to take care of things as well. How?

Well, first of all, use wooden hangers for your shirts. Please don’t leave them lying around. Please! That is not how you impress people with your style.

Wash your clothes. If you don’t, you won’t give off a good impression to anyone. Also, don’t forget to polish your shoes.

Oh, don’t we sound like your mom here? Anyway, there’s more. Take care of your skin, your hair, and do cut your nails regularly. These things tend to get noticed a lot.

4. Invest in Quality Shoes

Quality over quantity, anytime. All the shoes you find cool right now are the ones which you’ll find useless soon. It is better to spend money on shoes that are timeless.

That includes loafers, brogues, or just anything similar to those. Do you know shoes have the power to transform your outfit? If they’re a misfit, your outfit is going to look terrible.

But if they’re functional and classy, your outfit will be at a whole different level.


5. A Fine Watch is Necessary

Suppose a girl asks you the time. You look down at your plastic watch, and the girl cringes. That’s probably the last time you ever talk to her.

Just invest in a good quality watch, and you’ll be going on dates pretty soon. A watch with a leather strap and stainless steel is what you need.

Don’t opt for a gold strap. That will make the ladies think you’re so old fashioned.


6. Your Dressing Should Not be Out of Place

Well, dressing differently from others is one thing. But dressing differently just to make a fool of yourself is a no go.

Two words. Dress appropriately. That’s all we’re saying. Formal dinner? Put on that dress shirt. Lazy Sunday night-out with friends? A simple t-shirt and jeans are all you need.

7. Versatile Outerwear? A Hundred Times, Yes!

Heavy coats aren’t versatile. You need something breathable so that you can wear it any time and in every weather. What is that something? The answer is a ‘leather jacket.’ They are an all-rounder and look super-hot as well.

Want to impress a girl? Try a fitted bomber jacket or a  biker leather jacket from Benheart. You will leave such an impression that you’ll want to thank us for the tip.


8. Learn the Art of Layering

Ah, something every guy should know. If you want to impress people, you have to learn how to layer your clothes.

If you succeed, you’ll be making sleek and stylish combinations of outfits. We’re warning you, though. You should be ready for a whole lot of compliments which will come your way very soon.

You have been warned. Style at your own risk!

9. Your fitting should be well done

Baggy shirts and trousers at home? Not a problem. Baggy shirts and trousers outside? Do you want to turn people away from you?!

The fitting of your clothes can make you look from zero to hero. I am not even kidding here. If the outfit is too tight or too loose, then you’re doomed.

Go to a tailor and make sure your clothes fit you well. That’s how you end up looking like Ryan Reynolds (Oh, yes!).

Final Words

We hope you realize by now that you can be as stylish as you want to be. You’re young. Everyone looks up to you. Show them who you truly are and how great is your fashion sense.

We have our faith in you. Remember, be confident and know yourself. You’re a king, and a king needs to be classy. The door is open for you, my lord! Protection Status

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