Fashion has been a way to express yourself for thousands of years now. Both men and women have used clothing to convey status, emotion, or just their style. Fashion, especially for men, has evolved dramatically over the past few decades.

This post will be looking at some male style icons who have shed the idea of men just wearing suits to look stylish. While some of them do this very well, their experiments expanded the concept of male fashion.

David Beckham

David Beckham may not stray too far from conventional male fashion, but what he does differently is known what does and doesn’t work. He has gone through phases of having very questionable taste but has most definitely evolved.

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He knows what looks good on him, and whether it is a casual outfit while he is out with his family or a brand new suit for a star-studded event, everything just works. The fit is just right, the combinations are simple yet effective, and he shows that you don’t have to be out there to stand out.

Kanye West

Love him or loathe him, there is no denying that Kanye West has a unique sense of style. He is incredibly experimental and has no reservations about wearing something that hasn’t been worn before.

His fashion line also demonstrates this experimental aspect, the colours, how the clothing is cut, and how it fits. His shoe line is also unique, using materials and silhouettes that we just haven’t seen before.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is another man who falls into the category of someone who adds a twist to classic shapes and styles. He is a massive fan of fitted suits but often chooses uncommon color combinations or patterns.

His casual choices have also become fan-favourites. Stylish, relaxed looks are sometimes quite challenging to pull off, yet he can get the combinations just right without trying too hard or looking like he hasn’t tried at all.

Lebron James

Many athletes opt for a simple suit when attending events or choose to wear something casual and non-descript before a game. Lebron James isn’t one of those athletes, and his incredibly varied taste in fashion shows this.

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Basketball players, in particular, like to show off what they have in their closest, and Lebron is no different. Bright colours, form-fitting items, different cuts, and many lines; look at a stack of photos of him, and you will see that his style choices vary daily.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum seemingly came out of nowhere in the world of fashion but his bold choice of colours and patterns has cemented him as a fashion icon over the years. While the clothing itself isn’t eccentric, he just doesn’t settle for simple colours.

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He shows that no matter how old you are, there is no need to dress your age. He also shows that taking a clothing item that you like and know fits well, and buying it in a unique colour or pattern, is a quick yet highly effective way of transforming your wardrobe for the better.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky has been experimental with his clothing choices since he arrived on the scene. Bold colours, mixing styles from different decades, and being another man to show that you aren’t limited to the usual shirt and pants combo.

There is a perception that rappers have to be “gangster” and dress that way too, yet Rocky and many others have shown that there is not just one look you can go for. You can experiment and wear literally anything you want to wear and still look stylish.

Matt Smith

Another actor that has gone under the radar in the world of fashion is Matt Smith. He is the epitome of the English gentleman when it comes to what he wears, but he strays from the path by adding a striking shirt, bell-bottom pants, or an asymmetrical coat.

While he isn’t as experimental as ASAP Rocky or Jeff Goldblum, he proves that making a minor change can hugely impact how your outfit looks and feels. He has taken the Old Hollywood look and added a modern flare.

Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator also ignores any perceptions of what a rapper should look like. His style is a mix of skateboard chic, red carpet, and a few feminine aspects, adding a seriously stylish and unique feel to his looks.

Tyler the Creator

His fashion label, Golf Wang, takes golf-course fashion from the driving range to the runway. With pastels, exciting patterns, and designs, his clothes aren’t for everyone, but they show how varied his taste and choices are.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has become the David Bowie of fashion for this generation. Colours, patterns, cuts, none of it matters, as long as it looks good. He also isn’t afraid to wear women’s clothing, and not just for the sake of it either.

Harry Styles has shown that “men’s clothing” and “women’s clothing” are almost entirely interchangeable and that nothing should stop you from trying on clothing intended for the opposite sex and seeing how it looks and feels.