Men’s Hats, Caps & Tops with Hoodies

Certain things/items can bridge the gaps between the sexes & sexualities…. those things are nowadays so unisex that most people don’t even realise it while wearing it. No no no, we are not talking about those tiny Brazilian underwear- or beachwear.  That some body types should be forbidden to wear (if you don’t have a body for this kind of minuscule fabric … don’t wear it !). Today, my dear readers, we are talking about hats, caps & tops with hoodies.

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The Image of Wearing a Hat

No longer worn only for a Sunday’s strolling down your own estate (imagine yourself with a border collie and a cane, somewhere in the green English countryside). Or wearing it while fixing your dirt bike on a Saturday. Imagine yourself somewhere in Texas with cattle in the background and a lot of yellow sand, along with some dusty sweat running down your face. Caps and hats became our small personal touch for daily (street) life. A cap, hat or even hoodie is sometimes used in a practical way : to hide your unwashed, greasy or even (bad) hair(day), but let’s be honest it’s mostly just used to complete an outfit.

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Caps gives people the chance to look extremely casual, while at the same time openly supporting / promoting a sport club, a company, a lifestyle etc. etc. Instead of going for the ‘no logo’ look, with a cap on your head you become a walking advertorial. Make sure that you sponsor the right club, persons … they didn’t pay you to wear that freakin’ cap. It can make you look (next to American) : sportive or like the funny (& even goofy) guy next door. However worn with the wrong (clothes) or combination  is worse than a trailer-trash at a wedding.

armando branco, male-models,-caps

What are you promoting?


How to wear the hood

If you go for that All American touch : wear a denim jeans that makes your legs look strong without losing the ‘bowling balls’ in your own trunk. Yes, straight men : jeans that makes your ass looks shaggy, flat is a big NO GO ! Jeans go so well with those Vans or Converse All Stars. Your top mustn’t be like a complete episode of Pokemon, Sesamestreet etc. all collided in one hectic design. Go for a simple top and customize it when necessary. The jacket can be High School-ess, denim, vintage … but don’t go for those Sailor brands that bomb the market with those ugly things called jackets. Nobody looks pretty with those jackets.

How to choose your hat

A hat in any shape, colour or design can make you look sophisticated, educated … even give you an international touch : you can look French, English etc. It leaves that certain European glow. Like you love to go to musea, drink wine, watch the sunset while sitting on a balcony and talking about the meaning of life. Of course you should have a head that complements the hat (or vice versa) …some people look like something exploded underneath their hat or even cap (and yes indeed : it’s their face). Before you buy a hat or a cap double check in the mirror if it’s the right size, the right colour, the right look and above all : if it makes you look better.

If it makes you look worst or even retarded and that’s not the look you are aiming at : leave the hat alone … yes, it can bridge gaps but it can not bridge everything.

Choose your style

If you go for a certain country-club-look (incl. the typical hat) : go all the way ! You don’t need a big budget to look sharp. Try to check if your father has some old clothes hidden in the back of his closet (next to his other secrets) …. or go to second hand stores to find unique timeless pieces no longer produced by those darn big fashion labels. Try to combine your hat with trousers that maybe would look better on your grandfather, but with your youthful sex-appeal you can pull it off. Of course the shoes can make or break that outfit … Try to keep those hot & happening … before you really look 45 years older than your real age … and you are chased by grannies with an appetite for shameful sex.


Why wear a Hoodie

And last by not least : some people think it looks criminal, some people think it looks hot …. Wearing your hoodie (f.e. hooded sweatshirt)) … Yes, it gives the person a ‘ i don’t give a shit about you & others-look ‘ … it gives people also that look that they regularly go to the gym to practice for their boxing match and sell some illegal stuff on the side. It makes you look urban, down with the streets, your brothers … even street-wise and slightly dangerous. Of course you need a top with a big hoodie … or else you look like your dear silly mother just wanted to protect you against the elements.

A hoodie gives you an excuse to make your world a little smaller … a world where your own rules (& music) apply a little louder.


Think about what you are wearing on your head and why? Be Inspired.

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