Types Of Gold Bracelets For Men

Types Of Gold Bracelets For Men

Bracelets are a huge favourite when it comes to jewellery that is loved by everyone, men, women and children. It is no surprise considering how versatile they are and the many different designs that are coming out regularly by jewellery designers.

While there are numerous bracelets designs available for women, there are almost as many for men. From rope cords to leather and even precious metals, there are so many to choose from if you are a man. The leather and rope bracelets may be worn by many to more casual or even semi-casual events. However, the one that is most sought-after for formal events would be those made from precious metals.

Gold is very popular in India especially and it is seen as an auspicious metal to wear to almost any function, so if you are looking for a gold bracelet for menhere are some designs to choose from:


Style Guide

  1. Gold And Diamonds: Just because diamonds seem to be more loved by women and feature greatly in women’s designs, do not assume that they are not just as wonderful on men. Gold and diamond bracelet designs are classy options for men that can make you look amazing at any formal event.
  2. Gold And Leather: Gold is a wonderful metal to have on your bracelet, but if you are partial to leather designs and would like to add a classy leather bracelet to your attire instead of going full gold, this is the perfect pick for you. It is the perfect option for men with a little rockers attitude who still have a lot of class to them.
  3. Mixed Metals: Gold mixed in with a bit of silver or platinum is a great way to add diversity to your bracelet and overall look. It is subtle, yet classy and is a good choice for men of all ages and tastes.
  4. Gold Chain Links: If you want to get a gold bracelet for daily wear, then a simple gold chain link design is exactly what you need in your life. You can pair these with almost anything, be it casual, semi-casual or formal. It is something that can be worn all day, every day and look good no matter where you are or what event you are attending. It can be considered a staple in men’s bracelet designs and something that just never goes out of style.
  5. Indianized Gold Designs: For the patriotic men out there, gold bracelets that have Indian designs are a great way to mix your passion for your country with the classiness of a gold bracelet. It is a win-win situation with this pick and it can be worn to all your auspicious events and functions. You can even wear it to work every day if you have to wear formals or semi formals and looks amazing with Indian formal wear.

A big cause for worry is sometimes that gold kada for men tend to look a bit gaudy. If you find yourself thinking the same, all you need to do to make sure to look classy in gold is to opt for the slimmer designs rather than the thick ones and you are all set.


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