Vaper Safety Tips – Is Your Vape Too Hot?

Vaper Safety Tips – Is Your Vape Too Hot?

Is Your Vape Too Hot? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Find the Solution

When it comes to vape temperatures, there is no golden rule for how hot your vape should be. Every device is different. Each battery has a different maximum output, which affects the temperature of your flawless vaporizer.

That being said, there is such a thing as too hot. When subject to extreme heat, an e liquid can lose its flavour and its nicotine potency. So how hot is too hot? These are the three questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you are having the best vaping experience possible.


How Much Battery Life Do I Have Left?

Automatic MODs have a mechanism in place to keep the temperature consistent while you vape. This should prevent your battery and vape from becoming too hot. However, when the battery is down to its last few minutes of juice, these systems can fail. For this reason, when a battery is nearing completion, you may find deterioration in the flavour of your e-liquid.

Is the Wick Burned?

If you can see burnt spots on the wick, chances are, your vape has been overheating. But why? Your wick is where the e-liquid goes. It pulls in the liquid and, when you inhale, releases the liquid’s flavour and nicotine. If you are chain vaping and pulling faster than your wick can pull in more liquid, you could be vaping with a dry wick, which will cause your vape to overheat and burn the wick.

It is possible to prevent the wick from burning. E liquids with a VG/PG ratio that is weighted towards PG have faster wicking properties which allow the wick to draw in e-liquid at a faster rate and prevent the wick from drying out. You can also lower the wattage of the device to draw less power from the battery and lower the temperature.

Alternatively, you can just wait longer between puffs to allow the wick to draw in e-liquid. But who wants to wait?

Is My Coil Loose?

If the coil in your vape comes loose, it can fall into a position where more of the coil is making contact with the battery. This will result in the coil absorbing too much heat and overheating.

Fixing a loose coil or an incorrectly inserted battery that is creating too much contact with the coil is an easy fix. Simply take apart your setup and ensure both the coil and battery are in the correct place.

These are only a handful of reasons for your vape system to overheat. If at any time you suspect your vape is overheating, it is always recommended that you stop vaping immediately, let it cool off, then take it apart to examine the individual components. If anything looks damaged or melted, it should be replaced before you attempt to use the product again.

Make sure you are using quality components for the best and safest vaping experience. Only then can you protect yourself, and your vape’s components, from the worst effects of overheating and avoid injury. Protection Status

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