Video Interview With Savile Row Tailor – Wedding Suits Tips

I’ve seen the Chester Barrie brand grow and take a lot of risk in the last year. Andrew Naylor has always gone the extra mile to make sure Gracie Opulanza is well looked after. The VIP service Andrew gives me, makes my job worth while.

Tips for Wedding Suits

One of my frustrations in the past is the state of how grooms look on their wedding day.In fact why on earth are grooms still hiring dated suits for one of the biggest events of their life? Where has it gone so wrong that the bride always invests in her gown and has no problem in spending  a lot of cash to look her best on the day. But when it comes to the groom it seems they are not bothered in what they choose to wear.

Well don’t worry because in this very informative interview an expert from Chester Barrie talks us through the stunning opportunities for grooms to be. Tips on how to look amazing on your wedding day.


MenStyleFashion Photographer Maria Scard

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