Will.i.am Fashion Icon – Trend Setter of the Music Industry

Will.i.am Fashion Icon – Trend Setter of the Music Industry

Will-i.am Fashion Icon

Most of you probably recognise Will.i.am as one of the members of the Black Eyed Peas. When it comes to commercial power and fashion eccentricism, William James Adam has to be one of the most revolutionary fashionistas out there. His sharp-dressed image dazzles us on and off stage. He is known for his flamboyant fashion and futuristic stage costumes. He is truly a performer of colour, style and dictates trends. In fact, he is the trendsetter of male fashion in the music industry. The man knows movies, the man knows music, the man knows style.

In a 2010 interview with the Toronto Star, Will.i.am explained why he wanted to develop a rock-inspired clothing line.

There are not that many things that are available out there to express yourself,” he said. “And I’d like to fill that void and help lead — not lead, but help navigate guys to be a little bit more open-minded about how to rock their gear.

Will.I.am Hats

Whatever style of hat Will.i.am will wear it or even go as far as creating his own.

will-i-am hat

Will.i.am wearing a lego hat

Will.I.Am wearing a Lego hat.

will.i.am hat

will.i.am headpiece led

This headpiece is matching his hairstyle. Love the LEDs

Will.i.am Sunglasses

Round, large, eccentric outlandish and damn right cool



Vests & Suits

Whether it’s bright, chequered,dark or green Will.i.am is not afraid of any suit style.




Full of eccentric attitude and power


Not afraid of the current trend

Bow Ties


Tight fitted Jackets

Aviator, blazer, double-breasted and leather. One thing is for certain they are always fitted.


Will.i.am,white blazer

The Motivator

One thing I’ve learnt that CONFIDENCE IS NOT FOR SALE. Will.i.am clearly leads, lives and breathes this attitude. Never giving up and always having a positive self image. Here are some of his quotes:

Why do they say the sky is the limit/ When I’ve seen them footprints on the moon?” he sings. “I know that Mars might be far/ but baby it ain’t really that far.

I took safety in dressing up so people knew me to be different. The louder you dressed, the more obvious it became that you weren’t in a gang. My attire got me through. I used to rap because it kept me out of trouble. It kept me safe. All my childhood friends are dead, in prison, on drugs, or have sold drugs.


Not happy with the car designs out there Will.i.am started his own car design company called IAMAUTO. The cars are made in LA in the disadvantaged communities.

will.i.am creates his own car - iamauto


Will.i.am in his I.am Auto spotted at LAX airport

Will.i.am in his I.am Auto spotted at LAX airport

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